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Mercouri Winery – Western Peloponnese

We had heard about this winery somewhere around Katakolon and one Saturday we decided to go find it. It turned out to be the Mercouri Estate and while there we got chatting with a Scottish fella by the name of Chris who happens to be helping out with the tourist program (that's multicultural Greece for you). One thing led to another and I suggested he write a quick blurb about the estate for Travels in Greece. He said yes, and here it is. For anybody in the area, a trip to the estate is well worth it, what with the lovely buildings, the old museum piece tools on display and the grounds full of peacocks. The wine is pretty good too! If you happen to get chatting with Chris, say hi to him from us, over to you Chris....

A shameless, irreverent (but accurate) advert for Κτήμα Μερκούρη / Mercouri Estate

Mercouri Wine Estate
OK, you’ve found the Mercouri Estate on the Peloponnese, Western Greece. Congratulations! Now what?

Well you’ve arrived at the second oldest estate in Greece, with a history stretching back almost one and a half centuries. In the olden days the estate was well known for the production of Corinthian currants as well as for the cultivation of the vine and the olive tree. Today, pressed currants go into one of our dessert wines, while we still produce olive oil and high quality wines.

Visiting the Mercouri Estate

But there is more to the Mercouri Estate than the products. There is the location – sitting on the plateau of the Icthis peninsula where wine has been produced for thousands of years. There are the buildings – the original family residence that looks straight from a film set, the small private church which is really only big enough for the priest and his beard, the old stable block that now houses a collection of artifacts from the estate and the surrounding region, and finally the main facility itself where the wine is made and aged, the bottles are filled and the labels added. Oh and did I mention our mega-store? No? That’s because we don’t have one. You are able to sample our products and if you like what you’ve tasted, you can buy wines and olive oil at special prices. Last and not least are the animals – more peacocks than you can shake a stick at, some St Bernard dogs (including the resident star, Lara), cats and kittens, geese, tortoises and a goat.

Mercouri Wine Casks

There’s lots more here, so the best way to check that I am not lying is to come and visit for yourself. We’re located at 37.6767 N, 21.3095 E, or for those who are technologically challenged, we’re 32km from Ancient Olympia, on the outskirts of the village of Korakochori. We’re open 6 days a week (Mon-Sat) – 7 days if you are really rich and we think you’ll buy lots of wine (only kidding) – from 9am until about 3pm (hey, it’s Greece, approximate is where it’s at).

The Mercouri wines

The highlights as far as the wines are concerned? Well that all depends on what you like – but by common consent from the reds, the Domaine Mercouri Cava is excellent and well worth shelling out on, and from the whites, the Foloi is a light, crisp dry wine that is bursting with character. In total there are 8 dry wines produced – 3 reds, 4 whites and 1 rosé. If you like what the Aussies call “stickies” then there are two dessert wines that are worth investigating in a moment of indulgence. And as a last-minute gift for that favourite Auntie, the extra virgin olive oil comes in handy little 500ml bottles.

What else do you need to know? Katakolon (2km away) has restaurants and accommodation. Levendohori (2km away) has some nice tavernas and Olympia has more to offer than just the ruins and the archaeological museum.

Contact details:

tel: 0030 26210 41601,,

Ordering Mercouri wines online

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