Travels in Greece

Trips in Greece

Greece offers many different aspects depending on when you decide to visit. One of the best things about living here is not the summers, but the winter, spring and autumn. Travelling outside the peak summer period offers a a much more laid back experience and the weather is generally pleasant more often than not even in deep winter.

Greece also has a surprising amount of places to visit that have absolutely nothing to do with islands, bars and beaches. The greeks themselves are well aquainted with off season destinations, but the stone built houses and beautiful scenery found in Greece’s mountains is often missed by many foreigners.

So here are our reports on various trips we have done and continue to do while living, working, sleeping and eating here in Greece. We try to add to them regularly so bookmark us and visit again sometime. If you have any questions email us and we will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner, and add your comments at the bottom of the pages if you have any information you think relevant. Have fun and happy travelling.


Katakolon Western Peleponnese | Greece

Katakolon (Κατάκολον) is a small, some would say sleepy, port town located about 15kms from Pirgos on the western coast of the Peloponnese. Its main claim to fame is a deepwater port suitable for the largest cruise ships you can imagine, along with the fact that it is only 35kms from Ancient Olympia. It is also where my wife´s family is from, so I have spent more than a few summer holidays sitting around Katakolon chatting with friends, watching the cruise ships come and go and exploring the surrounding areas. Read - What to do in Katakalon, Greece

Dimitsana Central Peleponnese | Greece

Dimitsana (Δημητσάνα) is well known in Greece as a popular winter destination but is certainly not on the radar of the majority of foreign tourists. It is located 3 hours by car from Athens in the Peloponnesian district of Arkadia and at an altitude of 1000 meters, which means it can see a fair bit of snow during the winter months. Dimitsana’s stone built houses, lovely mountain scenery and its history as the engine of the Greek independence movement in the early 1800’s make it a fascinating place to spend a few days. With this in mind, we packed our snow chains, bundled the kids up nice and warm and headed out for quick winter break in Dimitsana! Read - A Winter Weekend in Dimitsana
Tzia (Kea)

Tzia (Kea) Cyclades | Greece

Tzia is only 2 hours away from the port of Lavrio, which with the shiny new Attiki Odos is only half an hour away from Athens, that all adds up to the perfect island for a weekend getaway! This trip to Tzia involved a small addition from the previous trips, an 18 month old baby, an opportunity to have a look at some of the island’s more easily accessible beaches and sites then! Read - A May weekend in Tzia (Kea)

Skyros Sporades | Greece

When one thinks about carnivals places like Rio and New Orleans immediately spring to mind. Places like Greece don’t. But here is a pretty well kept secret: not only does Greece have a carnival season, in a few towns and islands modern carnival festivities have been melded with local or ancient traditions to produce an unforgettable experience for those lucky and determined enough to be present. The island of Skyros in the Sporades is one such place. Read - Carnival Time in Skyros!

Lefkada Ionian Islands | Greece

Leukada is a lovely island of different landscapes: the eastern and southern coasts with their marinas and tourist nightlife, the mountainous inner regions with great scenery and ruined monasteries and the wild western coast with its fabulous beaches. We took advantage of a friend’s visit to re-acquaint ourselves with Leukada for a few days in September.

Read - September in Lefkada
Tzia (Kea)

Tzia (Kea) Cyclades | Greece

I like Tzia (also known as Kea), because we always have a friend's house to stay in when we visit, and also because it is so easy to get to from Athens, yet retains a certain off the beaten track charm if you choose to head away from the main towns. On the island's east coast in particular, a selection of walking paths and semi secluded beaches offer a variety of lazy day trips for those who enjoy exploring on their own. Read - August in Tzia