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Thessaloniki Sightseeing Bus No. 50

Following the success of the Athens hop-on hop-off tourist bus service, the Organisation of Urban Transportation of Thessaloniki (OASTH) in September 2009 introduced its own version of a sightseeing bus (the No 50, aka ‘Thessaloniki on the Go!’ or the ‘Cultural Route Bus’).

The start and end point of Bus’ No 50 cultural route is the famous White Tower which is by the seaside promenade (paralia) in the SE edge of city centre. The bus stops next to the tower at an opening designated for tourist buses and the duration of the circular route is 50-60 min if taken without a stop. It is easy to follow the route as all buses are equipped with a verbal and visual system that announces every stop.

The official bus guide highlights 3 suggested walks as well as all the points of interest throughout the route. A good place to find the guide would be the GNTO information office at 136 Tsimiski Str. (Behind the YMCA building and next to the TIMES café-bar).

The bus starts and stops its route opposite the Thessaloniki’s historic White Tower.
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Thessaloniki Cultural Route Bus Stops and Sights

The bus makes 16 official stops from which you can explore 43 points of interest.

The official stops are:

  1. The White Tower (which is also the start/end point for the route)
  2. Museums – including the Archeological Museum of Thessaloniki
  3. The Palace of Galerius – Esperos
  4. The Church of Agia Sofia
  5. Aristotelous Square
  6. Thessaloniki Town Hall
  7. Dioikitirio (the government house built in 1891)
  8. Agios Dimitrios
  9. Koule Kafe
  10. Taxiarchon (the heart of the Old City)
  11. Upper City – Keladis
  12. Trigonia Tower – Ag. Anargyroi (with the 4th century AD Byzantine fortification walls)
  13. Vlatadon Monastary – Platanos
  14. Pasha Gardens – Agios Pavlos
  15. Eastern Walls – Hospital
  16. Rotunda – University

The 43 points of interest that you can visit are:

  1. White Tower
  2. Society of Macedonian Studies
  3. Archaeological Museum
  4. Museum of Byzantine Culture
  5. Thessaloniki Christian Youth Brotherhood (YMCA)
  6. HELEXPO & Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art
  7. Ippodromiou Square
  8. Navarinou Square
  9. Church of Agia Sofia
  10. Museum of The Macedonian Struggle
  11. Aristotelous Square
  12. Ladadika
  13. Port – Warehouses – Cinema Museum – Thessaloniki Museum of Photography
  14. Modiano Market – Louloudadika
  15. Skepasti Agora (Bezesteni)
  16. Alkazar
  17. Church of Panagia Halkeon
  18. Diikitirio – Diikitiriou Square
  19. Ancient Agora
  20. Ancient Baths – Bei Hamam
  21. Tsinari
  22. Church if Agios Dimitrios (and catacomb)
  23. Aigli – Geni Hamam
  24. Alatza Imaret
  25. Church of Panagia Lagoudianis
  26. Koule Kafe
  27. Church of Profiti Ilia
  28. Church of Osios David
  29. Church of Taxiarches
  30. Old City
  31. Byzantine Walls
  32. Trigonio Tower
  33. Eptapyrgio
  34. Vlatadon Monastery
  35. Pasha Gardens
  36. Eastern Walls
  37. Church of Agios Nikolaos Orfanos
  38. University – School of Philosophy
  39. Rotonda
  40. Arch of Galerius
  41. Church of Agios Panteleimo
  42. Church of Panagia Dexia
  43. Fountain

Bus No. 50 Tickets & Timetable

The price of the ticket is just 2 euros (1 euro concessions). The ticket is valid for 24 hours and during this period it can also be used for unlimited trips (hop on and hop off wherever you like). When the ticket is bought from an OASTH ticket office it has to be validated on the Cultural Route Bus. Other travel and unlimited journey cards are not valid on this route.

Thessaloniki Bus No. 50 Timetable
JUNE – SEPTEMBER 08:00 – 21:00 every hour
OCTOBER – MAY 09:00 – 16:00 every hour

Thessaloniki’s Cultural Route Bus, not just for tourists!

Walking the town has always been a favourite pastime for locals and visitors alike, but this bus makes it easier to reach the northern city areas which are a considerable hike uphill and to see more sites in a shorter time. Bus No 50, although it is painted a pretty light blue, is not a tourist designated bus, so be prepared to mingle with the locals!

Thessaloniki Bus No. 50 Map – click here for a printable pdf version.