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A visitors guide to Thessaloniki neighbourhoods

A quick and dirty guide to the various areas of Thessaloniki that are likely to be of interest to visitors. What are you waiting for? Grab a flight and 'do' a Thessaloniki city break!

Navarino square

A paved road that is a meeting point of punks and Emos, rockabillies and the homeless, high school students and all the not so fashion conscious. A variety of shops and good crepes with nutella next to the impressive Roman era ruins of the Palace of Galerios.

Fragon – Ermou – Venizelou

A taste of the older commercial area of Thessaloniki. No fancy shops, but anything from wholesale tools and bath accessories to belt makers, baton shops, delicatessens, fresh flowers, bio-food and “everything for a euro” shops. A source of many solutions!

Aristotelous Square

A partly pedestrianised street that crosses the town down to the sea. Shops, cafes, restaurants and some of Thessaloniki’s best preserved buildings. It carries a busy, romantic buzz of characters, images, smells and sounds of old and new.


Thessaloniki’s old shopping area and what used to be the main Jewish Quarter, now a place full of bars & restaurants. Ladadika has plenty of neo-classical architecture, a few preserved buildings and is paved with cobbled streets.

Ano Poli and Yedi

What used to be the Ottoman Quarter, this part of town has many small roads that take you around hidden squares, churches, tasty tavernas and an array of timber-framed buildings. The view over Thessaloniki and on a clear day all the way to Mount Olympos across the bay makes all the up hill walking worthwhile!

Beach Promonade

Paved and partly renovated and a must for an afternoon walk or cycle. You get great views of the city, you pass by good cafe – bars and you can encounter long forgotten friends.

Kapani and Modiano

The central meat, fish, vegetable and produce markets are found in this neighbourhood, named after the Modiano family which originally owned them.

Aretsou – Nea Krini‎

Southern seaside neighborhoods with plenty of bars, restaurants next to the dock, and a summer cinema. An active late evening neighborhood which is a lot more fun in the summer when everybody is checking out everybody else from the endless well decorated terraces whose music overpowers any efforts of meaningful conversation.