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Outdoor movie theatres in Athens

Summer in Athens means many things to many people, but one thing everyone can agree on is that catching a flick at one of the capital's outdoor cinemas is an Athenian tradition that is hard to beat.

Summer cinemas are just that, outdoor cinemas that are open during the summer months, usually May to late September, although warm weather might keep some of them open into the first weeks of October. You will find them in any major city in Greece, along with quite a few islands and tourist centers, although their number has plummeted since the mid 70’s when Athens had an estimated 1000 outdoor cinemas… today barely 30 survive. Most have 2 showings a night starting at 9 and 11pm with movies being shown in their original language with greek subtitles.

The chance to cool off in the open, a frosty beer in front of you, free to light up a cigarette if you so choose (and the Greeks surely do choose), truly a great Athenian summertime tradition. Find the cinema nearest you from the list below, call to find out what is playing (some specialise in classics, last year’s hits etc while other show the latest blockbusters), and go do as the Athenians do, you won’t be disappointed!

Top outdoor cinemas in central Athens

Thiseion Thiseio Apostolou Pavlou 7 210-347-0980
Aigli Zappeio Zappeio Park 210-336-9369
Anesis Ampelokipi Kifissias 14 210-383-3527
Athinaia Kolonaki Haritos 50 210-721-5717
Cine Paris Plaka Kaydathinaion 22 210-322-2071
Cine Psirri Psirri Sarri 40 210-324-7234
Dexameni Kolonaki Dexamenis Square 210-362-3942
Ecran Exarcheia Zonara & Agapiou Str 210-646-1895
Ellinis Ambelokipi Kifissias 29 210-646-4009
Panathinaia Exarcheia Alexandras & Mavromichali Str 210-642-5714
Vox Exarcheia Themistokleous 82 210-330-1020
Zephyros Thiseio Troon 36 210-346-2677